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First Development Projects Company for Investment "ALTATWIRIAH" is a leading investment company in the field of strategic investment. It invests in the implementation of integrity and innovation standards in order to promote economic growth for the benefit of its investors in the long term. The company operates in 5 business sectors and is active in many local and international regions with the aim of realizing the long-term value of the shareholder. Altatwiriah fields include the development and buildup of leading global investment companies in sectors such as oil and gas, clean energy, and agricultural and industrial investments. The company invests in the real estate and infrastructure sector based on its expertise in this field and contributes to the growth potential of the economies of the Middle East and developed economies by investing in other new areas. Its investment approach is based primarily on partnerships with the world's leading institutions in its fields, as well as adherence to the highest standards of governance


Real Estates & Infrastructure

Our consultants team in ALTATWIRIAH works on the acquisition and development of income-generating real estate  unique of its kind in Europe, Asia and America in the best cities and sites around the world ALTATWIRIAH is working to expand its real estate investment portfolio, and is now poised to assume position for itself as a leader in the real estate sector, both local and global levels. To reach the forefront, ALTATWIRIAH is a central strategy, building partnerships of cooperation with real estate investors and property users alike. ALTATWIRIAH is a team of experienced professionals who have dedicated themselves to serving high…


Renewable Energy

Global renewable energy capacity exceeded 1470 GW. The Middle East and Africa region recorded the highest regional growth rate in 2012, with an increase of 228 per cent to $ 12 billion. Here are the highlights of the report of the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN 21) Global renewable energy demand continued to grow during 2011 and 2012, providing around 19 percent of the world's final energy consumption in 2011 (the last year for which data are available), nearly half of which is from traditional biomass. For the second time since 2006, global renewable energy investments…


Oil and Gas

. The next decade will see huge investments in the oil and gas sector in the Gulf region, expansions that are not only generating billions of dollars in additional revenues, but by strengthening the region's status on the global energy arena. Today, the Gulf states are a leading source of energy to the world, accounting for 21 percent of the world's crude oil production of 70 million barrels per day and 9 percent of world natural gas production. And their share of world exports exceeds these proportions. It is enough to know that these two commodities make up more than…


Industrial Projects

The volume of cumulative investments in the GCC industrial sector exceeded 323 billion dollars at the end of last year, by operating more than 14,000 registered industrial establishments, which provided about 1 million and 261,000 jobs, according to data released by the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The cumulative investment in the industrial sector has invested in more than 12 thousand industrial establishments and has provided more than one million jobs, representing about 6 percent of the labor market in the Gulf, which is about 10 percent in the industrial sector. It also showed that the Gulf…


Agriculture Projects

In the next 40 years, humanity needs to produce more food, more than ten thousand years ago, but with the urban expansion on the outskirts of cities that are devouring arable land, the profits of agricultural production are falling, the demand for biofuels is increasing, and the supply is not keeping pace with the speed Demand, skilled farmers, scientists and entrepreneurs come up with innovative ideas, but they need the money to implement them on the ground. (more…)


Methodology Of Our Thinking

Altatwiriah’s approach to managing investments is to combine the unique circumstances of its structure with the investment mind-set of a sophisticated investor. We are long-term institut​ional investors seeking to benefit from investment opportunities and market inefficiencies. We anticipate adding value through strategic asset allocation, manager and security selection, and portfolio tilts that take advantage of economic themes. Our experienced Altatwiriah investment team and the long-term partnerships we develop with our external managers and advisors are integral to meeting our investment objectives. Our approach to managing risk is centered on diversification, detailed due diligence, and downside protection. Our governance and our influence as shareholders to improve business practices will add value to the portfolio over time

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